10 Tips for finding Inspiration

Inspiration. It comes and goes. Some days I feel so inspired, and full of creative ideas. But others, it feels like the inspiration has escaped from my grasp. There’s nothing so can do in those moments. At least that’s what I think. But lately, I have been forcing myself to move past it. To search for inspiration, or work though it. It’s not always easy, creating ideas where there are none. That has been one of my biggest challenges as a blogger, which is exactly why I believe I am in a place to give advice.

1. Reassess your image

Are you happy with how your blog looks, your personal style, the images you’re posting? If the answer is no, gradually changing those things will help. That has been one of my best changes so far to improve my blog, instagram, and overall style.

2. Look for Inspiration Elsewhere

Yes, it may sound obvious, but looking for inspiration on Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram, or other blogs can help immensely!  Whether you’re in a crative rut, or just can’t seem to come up with any ideas, looking on other sites will be one of the best sources of inspiration. Obviously, this i just for ideas. Take what you love on others, and make it your own!

3. Inspiration can come from Anywhere

Another thing that might seem obvious, but you won’t believe how much this simple tip has helped me. Film, television, art, music, dance, and street art are all things that have inspired me in the past. You might not see the link now, but once you start thinking about different art forms in regards to your own creative pursuits, everything will change.

4. Look through your old content

*cringe*. I know, I know. You’re not even considering this one. But you now whether you’re a writer, photographer, blogger, or artist that if you published or shared something at one point in your life, it’s because you thought it was worthwhile. So, if you look through your old content, you might find something worthwhile. Even just the ideas behind a particular piece can help spark a new thought.

5. Upgrade your tools

True confessions…I never owned lightroom before the month of October! It’s crazy, and I don’t know how I ever edited without it (and my VSCO filters of course!). It’s been one of my biggest sources of motivation & inspiration. Through it, I’ve been able to create better content which you guys have reacted positively to. Moral of the story: sometimes all you need is a little upgrade to change.




6. Go shopping, or revamp your wardrobe

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it seriously helps. Sometimes just a new piece can inspire you to create better outfits, or to evolve your personal style.

7. Become an Expert

Sounds harder than it is. But if you truly love something, you won’t mind watching all the tutorials, and reading all the articles about it. Become an expert in whatever you feel passionate about.

8. Find your focus

Clean your room. Practice feng shui. Become more zen. These things will all help you achieve your optimal creative level.

9. Take risks

If you never try anything new, how can you evolve? It’s scary, but many risks will pay off in the long-run.

10. Just take a break

Sometimes this is all you really need to become more reinvigorated. Just a small time away from your passion can inspire you to create something even better, or to discover new hobbies.







I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any other ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Everyone feels uninspired at some point, but it’s just a matter of putting yourself in a creative, or more focused zone. If you’re already using any of these tips, or think some might help you, feel free to share!

XOXO, Sofia

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    • Sofía

      That’s one of my favorite things to do for inspiration! And it’s so fun to go back and see how much you’ve changed and developed!

      xx Sofia

    • Sofía

      Marlinde, I would 100% recommend Lightroom! It is by far the easiest editing tool out there, and I love how simple and fast it is! Defnitely worth investing in! Thank you

      xx Sofia

  1. Gabrielle

    These were genuinely really, really good tips – thanks so much for the… inspiration! haha 🙂 I’m excited to hear you talk so highly of lightroom as I’m planning on getting that this winter to start playing around with. Great tips to find your focus and if all else fails, take a break. Gorgeous shots of you, by the way!


    • Sofía

      So happy I could help, Gabrielle! You should absolutely invest in lightroom! It is by far my favorite editing tool to use. Your comment was so lovely, and I hope I was able to…inspire you:). If you need any tips for lightroom feel free to contact me! I’ve found so many great sites and resources for lightroom that make it such a great and easy to use tool!

      xx Sofia

    • Sofía

      So, so happy that you found it useful! I’m always stuck for inspiration so I definitely know how you feel! Hope you find your inspiration

      xx Sofia

    • Sofía

      Totally agree, Mel! Finding inspiration is a constant struggle, but thankfully there are lots of things that can be done to find inspiration! Hope it heled

      xx Sofia

    • Sofía

      Totally agree, Mel! Finding inspiration is a constant struggle, but thankfully there are lots of things that can be done to find inspiration! Hope it helped

      xx Sofia

    • Sofía

      Emma, thanks so much! My dad an I are a team when it comes to my blog photos. I set up the camera & tripod, and he shoots! It’s not the most professional setup but with a little bit of post-processing most of the pictures end up alright!

      xx Sofia

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