Japanese Gardens

Buenos Aires, my city, my home. Eventually, I had to bid it goodbye. One of my favorite memories from my time there has to be an amazing day spent at the Japanese Gardens, one of the most beautiful nature spots in the city. The last time I visited was when I was only a few years old, so needless to say it was time to go back. It’s such a calm, serene spot. I’ve been to very few places that had such a calming atmosphere about them and were so stunning at the same time. If you’re ever in Buenos Aires, I would highly recommend visiting!

My look for the day was simple but great for beating the day’s heat! I went with a white and blue color scheme for this breezy outfit. The navy blue shade of the bag, the sky blue tone of the skirt, and the white hues all blended seamlessly to create a streamlined color scheme for the day. I really wanted this look to reflect the warm season and the beautiful day. Though this look was quite simple, I think it was its simplicity that made it unique. The breezy feel of this top, the city-chic vibe of the skirt, the golden hardware on the purse. All the little details of this look were what truly made this look what it was. And of course, how could I not mention my belove Zaful sunglasses? To say I love them would be an understatement!




And I’ve done it again. Will I ever get it together? Probably not. But that’s life, right? By now, I should probably just get used to it. MY life is crazy and hectic, probably a lot more than it should be. The only true solution would be to get it together and become organized. But what’s the fun in that? Do you have any tips for being more organized, or for becoming a more productive blogger? If you do I would DESPERATELY love to now! Have a fabulous week…

XOXO, Sofia

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