Buenos Aires in Style #2 Shopping, Shopping, and more shopping

Today was a super productive shopping day! We managed to get all of the last minute gifts we needed, have a delicious lunch, and somebody also managed to score a late birthday gift. That somebody just happened to be me! I hit up all of my favorite stores in a mall called Unicenter here in Buenos Aires. This mall was practically my second home when I was a toddler and we lived here. Now, everytime we come back to Argentina we take a trip there. This mall is not only the best one in Buenos Aires, but it also holds a very special place in my heart because  of all the memories I have from there. Being there again made me very nostalgic about years passed.




Outfit: Top – Hollister, Skirt – H&M, Sandals – Minelli, Bag – Michael Kors

This outfit was perfect for shopping as it was light and comfortable. Maxi skirts are a summer wardrobe staple. Apart from being very versatile, they’re also great transition pieces for fall. For this look, I kept the colors neutral with black and white. This white Michael Kors purse is a recent addition to my collection and I love it! It’s very simple, but the gold hardware gives it an edge. For shoes, I wore some black studded sandals from a French brand called Minelli. These sandals have walked on different continents, and everywhere from small Mexican towns, to the streets of Paris. I hope you liked this post, and stay tuned for another one tomorrow on Christmas Eve!

XOXO, Sofia


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