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Yes, I am in fact obsessed with the color pink. In particular, the blush shade you have certainly stumbled upon whilst scrolling through Instagram, or browsing in a store. Who knew a particular shade could become so on trend? Obviously, there are seasonal colors. Your oranges, greens, browns for fall, pastels for spring, and cheerful shades for summer. But this particular hue seems to be perfect, no matter the season!

On this particular occasion, I paired a ruffled blouse in a blush hue with black pieces. I love the contrast between the femininity of this shade, and the edge given by the all black accessories. It seemed to be the perfect balance between girly and edgy.

Though this particular look might seem a little dressy, pairing this blouse with a pair of black or grey jeans results in a beautiful smart casual combination. Blouses have been everywhere this season, in all shapes and patterns, which is something I love! This particular one from Zara was definitely love at first sight, and came with no buyer’s remorse!




Thank you all so much for your support on my last post on inspiration! I wasn’t expecting to have such a positive response on something that has affected me so much, and that I did not know affected so many others. It made me so happy to know that many of you could relate, and that you thought the advice I had to offer was valuable. It’s been a tough few days, but reading all your lovely comments has truly added joy to my day. Let’s continue to inspire each other…

XOXO, Sofia

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    • Sofía

      Ahahah! Your comment definitely made my day, Rae! I kind of feel like a cupcake wearing it, but in the best of ways! Also, I love the color as well!

      xx Sofia

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