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Dubrovnik, a magical realm unlike any other, was the next stop on our summer road trip. It was by far one of my favorites, and exceeded all my expectations. Everything there had a unique charm, some kind of old glamour, but was absolutely breathtaking. It was easy to see why this particular city has charmed so many tourists over the ages. It’s splendor, and beauty are unlike any of those I’ve ever seen. Dubrovnik was something so breathtakingly spectacular that I wish I could see a thousand times over.

My Dubrovnik style was what can only be described as a mix of ‘holiday chic’, and comfy casual. The most comfortable yet stylish look was definitely the pairing of this printed, cold-shoulder dress with an oversized white hat. Everything about it just screamed, “I’m on vacation” to me.

My other looks were fairly simple, like these H&M embroidered  shorts with a simple burgundy tank. Most of the time in Dubrovnik I was lounging about in a swimsuit, enjoying the beautiful beaches, and the blazing sun. So, I didn’t get around to shooting much, but what matters to me is the time I spent enjoying this beautiful place, and not how many great shots, and artsy Instagram pictures I managed to take. Living in the moment might not get me any likes, or followers, but what I don’t gain online, I gain in happiness.

Life lately has been a little bit hectic, so my blog schedule has gone out the window for the time being. However, soon I’ll start following the schedule to a T and be sharing all of my favorite fall/winter looks, plus a few fab getaways! Wish you all a beautiful day or night, wherever you are.

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. GORGEOUS photos! I really liked reading this, especially where you said what we “don’t gain online, gain in happiness.” Documenting a trip or memory is crucial for bloggers especially but it’s nice to just live in the moment and not focus too much on keeping track of everything and making sure everything is picture perfect or Insta-worthy! Love your blog btw! <3

    Life in Blue Skies | A Lifestyle Blog

    • Sofía

      Totally agree, Joanne! It’s so important to just step back and live in the moment sometimes! Thanks for your great comment!

      xx Sofia

  2. G

    I think it’s so easy to get caught up in taking photos while in a cool place (I love Dubrovnik) but I’m glad you took a step back to enjoy the surroundings! Great pics as always!


    • Sofía

      Totally agree, babe! It’s such a stunning place that all I wanted to do was take it in, but thankfully I also took some pics!

      xx Sofia

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