Feminine meets edgy

Where do you draw the line between something ‘overly girly’ or ‘goth bordering on 70’s punk’? What I love about fashion is that these borders are purely imaginary. The way you dress doesn’t shape your being. It’s whatever you want it to be. A form of self-expression, a way to blend in, or something that lets you show the world how incredibly creative and spontaneous you can be. But why should you let your personality, or the way you dress, be categorized, labeled? Isn’t it better to bend the rules a little bit? Mixing pieces that could be categorized as being ‘edgy’ or ‘girly’ together doesn’t only create something that breaks those fashion stereotypes, it also makes something that stands out and lets whatever aspect of yourself shine through. In my case, I often change the way I dress. Sometimes leaning in more towards a particular style or trend, and other times blending completely unrelated pieces to create something that reflects me.



One of my most vivid memories about fashion from my earliest years was my love for the color pink. To me, it was the epitome of being a girl, and it doesn’t help that I also had a baby pink tutu which I wore to ballet practices and recitals. Thankfully, as I got older I realized that it is a color that can be worn in a less Barbie-esque manner, and in a more sophisticated, demure way. The skirt I’m wearing here is in a blush pink shade and is made from an incredibly soft suede, which makes it a lot more wearable than my favorite ballet piece. I paired it with a simple black turtleneck and my adored leather jacket from Maje. I’ve had it for over a year and it looks impeccable and doesn’t show even the slightest hint of wear. That’s what makes a piece worth investing in. Something that you love and is also amazing quality can easily become a wardrobe staple, recurred to for many years. A coat or a sturdy jacket is definitely worth investing in if you  live somewhere that has a cooler climate. What was my favorite piece of this outfit? Although I absolutely love my leather jacket, I would have to say this time, my two-toned fedora would win. From the first moment I saw it, I knew that in a matter of days it would be hanging in my closet. I just could’dnt not add it to my hat collection!






It was back to school for me today *sobs*, but in the blink of an eye it will be winter break, and I’ll be jetting off to another country. I’m extremely excited as it’s a country I’ve never visited before, but also somewhere which will be warmer and hopefully more exciting than Belgium during Christmastime. Until next time!

XOXO, Sofia

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