First day of school look

Every new year is a new beginning. Every new school year is a new opportunity. To make new friendships, to learn, and to experience. I’m a firm believer that first impressions last a lifetime so when deciding what to wear for my first day of school I wanted something that demonstrated my personality. A bohemian touch, some artistic flair, and of course something that represented my age. It was completely different from my old school. There are changes I’ll have to get accustomed to including a new school, friends, and country but I’m coming into this new stage of my life with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and most of all, hope. Hope that my life will be different, and that I will find happiness in this new adventure.

What I wore was something that encompasses my personality. It was something comfortable, yet fashion-forward.  By combining some of my usual wardrobe staples, such as a basic white t-shirt or a pair of blue jeans with original pieces I created something that was unique, but not over the top, while still remaining true to my style. I wore the ultimate “cool girl” shoe of the moment, a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers which are wildly popular with people my age. I was definitely not the only girl wearing these to school today. Those of you have been reading Living in Plaid for a while now that I have an obsession with kimonos. Naturally, when I saw this one I needed to have it hanging in my closet, and yesterday as I was opening (yet) more boxes I found it. It’s a piece that expresses the bohemian in me, and also made clear my interest in fashion, since let’s be honest, who wears a kimono to school? I carried my school supplies in a Longchamp bag in my favorite color, purple, and accessorized with this statement necklace I bought in Argentina, in one of my favorite stores!

I’m so excited to say I now have wifi at home! This means that my regular posting schedule will be coming back (Wednesday/Thursday and Sunday), and as soon as I’m fully settled in some BIG changes will be taking place. Until then,

XOXO, Sofía

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