Living the Beach Life

Hello! I’m currently writing this post from the beach! For the next few days, I’ll be in Villa Gesell, a beach town in Argentina. Today was the first of those days, and so far it has been very enjoyable. The sun is blazing, the wind is swaying, and I’m in the middle, taking everything in and reflecting.


Swimsuit – Victoria’s Secret Pink


Dressing for the beach is something I really enjoy. Loose dresses, and cute rompers are some of my favorite things to wear as cover ups. But, my favorite thing would be swimsuits of all colors, prints, and cuts. My collection is growing slowly, but steadily.

These are some of my favorite days, spending time in the sun, and with my family. Coming back to this town for the first time in seven years is surreal. As soon as we stepped into the apartment, so many memories came back. And being at the beach for a few more days is incredible. Tomorrow is another beach day, and I couldn’t be any happier!

XOXO, Sofia


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