Loose, ripped, but golden nonetheless 

A new day, a new destination. After New York came a few days in Paris and now I’ve reached the place that in my heart is my true home. The place where I was born, but not raised, and the place which makes me most nostalgic of my younger years; Buenos Aires. The photos below illustrate an afternoon spent shopping and walking around New York City. After some shopping at Macy’s my mom and I had dinner at Bill’s bar and burger and then strolled around Rockefeller center.

I simply had to post this look as it was definitely a crowd favorite! I have to confess this is one of those last minute outfits that you put together on a whim and then pray that you don’t look terrible wearing. And all in all, this one was pretty successful. All of the items I wore were some I would have never thought of pairing together, yet the mismatched items created a cohesive, and fashion forward look. These ripped jeans in a light wash added a cool, street edge to the outift while the relaxed fit of the blouse added a more bohemian air to the look. Some gold sandals elevated the outfit and made it feel more polished. And the purchase of the day, this beautiful Michael Kors bag added a luxurious element to this simple look.

Top – Hollister (here, here, and here)

Jeans – Zara sale

Bag – Michael Kors

Thank you all for reading and have an incredible day,afternoon, or night, wherever you are. Love from Buenos Aires…

XOXO, Sofia

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