One more night⎜Capetown

DSC_0181 1Are we ever ready to wave goodbye to things, people, places we love? Can we ever really prepare ourselves to part with something dear to us, or to something intensely affiliated with a cherished memory? Whatever the case, parting with something we love is never simple. Personally, having traveled so much from a young age has not only led me to constantly be consumed by wanderlust, but also to adapt to saying goodbye constantly. Goodbye to places that have fascinated me, to things I have loved, and to people I have adored. Even so, I can’t help leaving a little piece of my heart everywhere I go. Some places have kept a large portion of my spirit, and others have had to do with a sprinkle of my admiration, but nevertheless, all around the world, I’ve left some piece of myself.

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The outfit I chose to wave goodbye to Capetown was a simple, but meaningful outfit. The flared pants I was wearing here are ones that I bought while in my home city, Buenos Aires, but these pants have traveled with me everywhere. From Argentina to Thailand, New York, and Capetown, these pants have accompanied me throughout many different journeys.  Now, I look at these pants not only for what they are, a fun, flared, unique garment, but also as a souvenir of past adventures. Moving on, the rest of this look was quite simple, a black top, blazer, white clutch, and my beloved Zara sandals, another wardrobe item that has traveled with me almost everywhere!

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Guys, are you ready to wave goodbye to Capetown? I sure am not, so there will be one more post from this trip going up next Sunday, just as I return from another trip! I’ll be in France for a few days before I come back to Brussels to prepare for exams, and finish off the school year. By now, I’ve reached that point where I’m counting the days until Summer vacation. I can’t wait to share the amazing vacation I have planned. Until next time!

XOXO, Sofia

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  1. I literally love everything about this, from the photos to the format to the writing. You have such an adorable blog, and it serves as somewhat of an inspiration for me as a starting blogger. Also looks like such an amazing place to travel, and I hope I can make it there someday.

    • Sofía

      Thank you so much for your sweet words, Chloe! I love the fact that my blog is serving as an inspiration to you. I hope your blog continues to grow, and all I can say is keep up the good work!

      xx Sofia

  2. Alice

    Love the story behind the pants; and yes saying good bye to something you love is never easy and it’s different each time! Capetown looks gorgeous, love these shots of you by the water!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

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