Porto Blues

DSC_0100 1I feel like lately I’ve been lost, clouded by the muddled and perplexing thoughts running through my mind. I’ve been sprinting towards a finish line that doesn’t exist, concentrating on the things that don’t matter to me, and forgetting about what’s important. Forgetting about spending time with my family, interacting with my friends/followers, and acknowledging the reason I created this blog. Neglecting this sacred space not only tears me apart, but it destabilizes me, it makes me idle and a victim to the thoughts that perplex me, The reality is, it’s hard being an involved student, a good daughter and sister, an active member of the community, an athlete, and a blogger. What’s even harder is concentrating on all these things  while attempting to maintain my physical and mental well-being, and putting effort into my style choices and physical appearance. So as I get older it’s becoming increasingly clear that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.


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These images, which were shot on my first day in Porto, capture the essence of the beautiful city & of the look I was wearing that day. Since it was only a short trip, I really felt that I should push myself to put together outfits that I wouldn’t wear on a day-to-day basis. The first of these was the look I’m wearing here, which can only be described as ‘trendy samurai in the city’. It’s a running joke with my parents that when I wear this half-up hairstyle, I resemble a samurai, so the nickname has stuck. Moving on, another reason the name is perfect is because of the flowy look of these culottes, which could be mistaken for a midi skirt. I’ll admit, I was a bit late to the trend on this, but better late than never, right? They’re so unbelievably comfortable, they’re perfect for warm and cool days, and they match with everything! This time, a white knit top, a leather jacket, and a pair of Stan Smith’s did the trick, but there are so many more possibilities!

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I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week! I’m super busy since the school year is almost over. Exams, assignments, you name it, everything has gone on this past week! Thankfully, summer vacation is fast approaching. I can’t wait to explore new places, and lounge by the beach in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

XOXO, Sofia

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