Speaking of Confidence…

Confidence is a virtue, an enviable trait possessed by many, but manifested by few. It’s a matter of perception, and self esteem. What might appear as confidence to someone might appear as cockiness to another. There’s no clear way to distinguish them, but obviously one is more valuable than the other. What is obvious is that confidence matters. It shapes you, keeps you uplifted, and maintains that fire in your soul.

“Clearly confidence is everything.” – Diane von Furstenberg




Black and brown. Together they scream fall. Even though it’s definitely not fall, I feel like this color combination is extremely versatile and with a different shade of brown it could be perfect year-round. Black is obvious, but I’ve never worn much brown. Why? It’s simply one of those colors that I neglect, or think doesn’t suit me. But brown, and camel in particular have become increasingly popular, so perhaps it’s time to give this shade a chance.

With these two outfits, I tried to play around with the silhouettes a little bit more, and incorporated some unusual footwear. I’ve always been more convention when it comes to shoes, wearing an outfit with whatever shoes ‘made sense’. However, seeing bloggers rock skirts or dresses with simple sneakers inspired me to be a bit more experimental with my shoe choices. So, you have been warned. Get ready to see a lot of skirt/dress and sneaker combos soon. Oops!







Just as speedily as it came about, this series is now ending! I had such a great time writing these posts, but I can’t wait to share some really exciting content soon. I’ll be sharing my experiences, tips, and outfits from my recent trip to Capetown. Hopefully, all those posts will coming up soon, so keep tuned for that. See you in Capetown!

XOXO, Sofia

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    • Sofía

      Absolutely agree! I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and since I’ve had so much positive feedback I will keep sharing my views about confidence, and hopefully empower others!

      xx Sofia

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