When in Rome…

Today was definitely one of my favorite Sundays this year. We heard mass at The Vatican, went shopping, and enjoyed some pizza and focaccia. The Vatican was very crowded, but sill beautiful, and the best part was we caught a glimpse of the Pope on the monitors! Then, we had lunch and went shopping. I went into a shop that I’d never heard of before called Subdued, and I loved it! The style is very similar to Brandy Melville, but they have more color, and prints. I bought way too many things, but I don’t regret it at all! Then, we walked to Castel Sant Angelo. It was beautiful! The view from the terrace was absolutely breathtaking, and definitely one of my favorite things we’ve seen so far!  I am looking forward to another day of sightseeing tommorrow, so see you then. Enjoy!






Outfit: Dress – Sophie Charlotte (a store in Rome), Shoes – Minelli, Bracelets – Alex and Ani

XOXO, Sofia


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