It’s Trench Coat Weather

The weekend has come and gone once again, without me noticing! But it’s been a busy one, full of schoolwork, organization, and admin things. One of the many downsides of being a full-time student, is that it is so time consuming. But the weekend is always the highlight of the week, the most anticipated thing, so on Saturday, we went out to eat. We went to a restaurant here in Paris called La Piscine Saint-Louis. There, I had a scrumptious chicken burger with fries. Yum!

For the occasion I decided to wear something cute and laid-back. I paired this cream, crochet detailed jumper with some classic blue jeans, and a trench coat. For my footwear, I went with some beige combat boots that had a floral print on the inside. These boots were definitely the highlight of my outfit! They made a statement, without being overly dramatic. Another thing I loved about this outfit? The trench coat of course! A trench coat is a classi wardrobe staple in every girl or woman’s closet. It’s perfect for those days where it’s not too cold, but still breezy.



Outfit: Jumper – Subdued, Jeans – American Eagle, Boots – Forever 21, Trench coat – DKNY


I hope you had a lovely weekend!

XOXO, Sofia


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