Layering in La Defénse

Just like every Sunday, here I am with another look to show you all! However, I thought that today I would talk about a French monument many tourists coming to Paris don’t know about, or  don’t think is worth visiting. The monument in question is the Grande Arche in La Défense, which is located just outside of Paris but is easily accessible with any metro line. The Grande Arche was designes by a Danish architect named Johann Otto von Spreckelsen as part of a national design competition. The monument was completed in 1989 as a symbol of humanity, and humanitarian ideals. If not for the architecture, or for the great photo-op then a trip to La Defénse might be worth it since there is a huge shopping mall there which is almost tourist free!



And now, onto the outfit! If I could describe this outfit in one word, it would be layers! Layers are key since not only do they give more warmth, but they can help add more color and texture to a look, which never hurts! The jeans I was wearing here are the most comfortable thing ever! Yes, I used jeans and comfortable in the same sentence. Queue in the sky high jeggings! These high-waisted jeggings actually go up to above my waist and they stretch a lot which makes them extremely comfortable! These brown suede booties added some color and texture to the outfit, and they also gave my black boots a much needed break. The casual and formal elements balanced each other out to create a comfortable, yet trendy look!



Sweater – Vaness Bruno Athé

Jeans – American Eagle

Trench Coat – DKNY

Mondays don’t always have to be bad do they? Tomorrow I’m starting a ‘series’ which will not only be about fashion, but will give you an insight into my personality, life and thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this look and post!

XOXO, Sofia


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