The shoe hunter

Instagram is a place of inspiration and damnation. You’re inspired by what you see.A killer pair of Valentino rockstud heels, a Chanel 2.55, and on every blogger or instagrammer, a Triangl bikini. But simultaneously, you’re damned because you either spend hours and hours scrolling away, staring at pictures of your coveted item, or you end up buying it. Recently, I became obsessed with a pair of rose gold Stan Smiths (yes they exist!) when I saw them whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed. Of course, I scoured the internet in search of my latest shoe obsession, panicking when it seemed they had been discontinued. But, as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait,” and that is exactly what happened. A few weeks later, I was browsing around footlocker and found them there, looking as perfect and rose gold-esque as they did on my phone screen.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not a fan of the sporty trend. So, when I had to style an outfit around my new shoes I knew it would be something relaxed but still streamlined and chic. What did I wear? A layered look, of course! To me, a trench coat is not only a great fall/winter piece, but also a great item for layering. Here, I wore it over a beige vest with some embellished details which juxtaposed with the simple color and cut of the jacket. I also wore some black loose-fitting jeans which I cuffed to add a relaxed touch to the look.






It’s come to that time of the year when I begin counting down the days until Christmas, and winter vacation. One month and three days until Christmas, less than a month left until I jet off to somewhere warmer and calmer.

XOXO, Sofia

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