What I Wore in Cancun #1

So, for an interesting turn of events…. I’m in Cancun!! I couldn’t be more excited to be here especially for 10 days!! We flew here from Mexico City, but upon landing here a very unfortunate event happened. My phone was stolen after landing. I put it in my backpack, and somebody grabbed it out of there. I have been trying to track it, but it has not been turned on yet or connected to wifi so, it is impossible to track. Now I’m writing this post on my mom’s ipad, which she kindly lent me. Then we arrived here, and went to the pool. This is the outfit that I wore at night, to go to dinner. I’m wearing a black, studded dress, from the Pretty Little Liars collection at Aeropostale, with some black, cork wedges from Forever 21. My cobalt blue wristlet is from Michael Kors.




Happy Summer,

XOXO, Sofia

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